Vail Parent Network

Vail Parent Network would like to reach out to you, Pantano Parents. Please read the following from VPN for more information:

Did you know that the median annual salary for a public school teacher in southern Arizona is more than $16,000 below the national average after an adjustment for cost of living? And that 75% of graduates from University of Arizona with a teaching certification are leaving the state? Did you know that 450 teaching positions across the state remain unfilled for lack of qualified applicants, including 7 in VUSD? And that, within the next four years, 24% of teachers in Arizona will be eligible for retirement?

Vail Parent Network is a non-partisan group of parents that has spent the past month presenting this information and a whole lot more to parents at various schools across the district. Moving forward we hope to spread this critical information throughout our community and beyond. The goal is to empower parents and community members to stand up for our community and our future. We would also like to show you that it doesn’t have to be us versus them. It’s not Democrats versus Republicans. It’s not Education versus Medicare. It’s the well-being of our community versus the power of special interests. We can make a difference, but every one of us needs to be informed and make our voices heard. Whether you are contacting your state Representatives and Senators, or simply casting a ballot, your involvement means everything for our children and our future.

If you know of any groups that would be interested in learning more about the current education funding crisis in Arizona and the impact to our children and community, please contact us at For more information, visit our website at