Letters to Parents – Ms. Monica Wright




September 9, 2020

Dear Pantano Parents/Guardians,

First let me assure you that the health, safety and well-being of YOUR child…our students, and that of our faculty and staff, are of the utmost importance to all of us!

We are excited to announce that on September 21, 2020, we will begin the Hybrid Learning Model phase of instruction. This model allows us to bring smaller groups of students on campus, for shorter periods of time.

In order for us to make the best decisions possible regarding cleaning, sanitation, physical distancing, and scheduling,

it is important for us to know which students will be returning to our campus for the Hybrid Model and which students wish to remain in Remote Learning Model.

On September 4th,  Supt. John Carruth emailed parents providing information about the two options that are available to you in the Hybrid Model of instruction, as well as the link in which you can make your selection.

If you have not yet made your decision, here are what the two options look like at Pantano:

In the Hybrid Model, students will attend six periods on campus, in person, for 2 days a week.

  • Students whose last name starts with A – K will attend on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Students whose last name starts with L – Z will attend on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • On days when students are not on campus, they will join their classes from home just as they did when they  were participating in the fully Remote Model.

Parents of students who choose the Hybrid Model and plan to return to campus, must sign and return the COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment and Disclosure Form. The form can be found on our website or you can click HERE.

In the Brick to Click Model, students will remain in the Remote Model phase, attending class from home until it is deemed safe by the health authorities, for ALL students to return to the classroom together.

  • Students will follow the same daily just as they did when they were in the Remote Model
  • Schedules have been changed from 4 to 6 periods for Term 2. There is no longer a mid-day bus run.
  • Students must remain in the Brick to Click Model throughout the duration of the Hybrid Model

All students will receive instruction every class, everyday – Monday through Thursday.

Fridays will serve as independent learning days where teachers will provide office hours and/or individualized conference hours for all students.

If you are ready to make your choice between the Hybrid or Brick to Click Models, please feel free to do so here. 

You will be able to make and/or change your selection through Sunday, September 13th.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions or concerns.


Monica H. Wright                                                                                                                                      Principal

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